What We Share

I love days like the day I had yesterday–a day when, in a matter of hours, I ended up looking at the same topic from two entirely different perspectives. When I decided to attempt the one blog a day thing again, I started with the idea that was foremost in my mind and therefore easiest to write. After posting it, I was struck by the awful feeling I almost always have after a new post: I just shared a bit too much about myself. But, by the end of a social event last night, I was reminded how little about myself I actually share with people.

It made me wonder what determines what we will share and what we won’t. Are those who keep most things to themselves afraid of being judged? Are those who live their lives as open books that much more confident than the rest of us? 

I know that a number of things have influenced how much I share with others. Years ago, I actually made a conscious decision to reveal less about myself because I believed that past over sharing had led to some awkward situations and strained relationships. Over time, this was replaced by some of that fear of judgment mentioned above combined with a sincere belief that people probably weren’t that interested. Most recently, especially given events of the past few years, I’ve been guided by an idea espoused by my new idol Brene Brown: Only share your story with those who have earned the right to hear it. 

I’m not sure a day like yesterday will make me change anything about how or how much I open up to other people. I will most likely continue to be fairly reticent about sharing by personal life in actual conversations. I will probably continue to reveal just a little more about myself than I should in this blog because the distance supplied by the written word makes that easy to do. I am going to make a resolution of sorts to pay closer attention to what others are and are not sharing because I would like to have earned the right to hear it.


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