A Blessing of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a day with different meanings for each of us. For some it is a joyous occasion. For others, it is one of great difficulty. For still others, it is bittersweet. Let us pray then for motherhood in all its many facets.

Nurturing Mother God, we ask your blessing

On expectant mothers, who wait in joyful expectation to see their children’s faces

On the mothers of small children, who offer sticky kisses and cling with small hands

On the mothers of teenagers, who challenge and rebel as they grow

On the mothers of those long grown, but who are still the children of their mothers’ hearts.

Sorrowful Mother God, we ask your blessing

On mothers who have given birth to children they cannot raise and have the courage to give them up

On mothers who have lost their children and dread facing each day without them and children mourning the loss of their mothers

On the children of mothers who do not know how to or are unable to show love to their children

On those who long to be mothers but are unable to

Generous Mother God, we ask your blessing

On grandmothers raising the grandchildren whom their own children are unable to raise

On stepmothers and foster mothers, who have opened their hearts to other mothers’ children

On godmothers, who share the nourishment of God’s love

On fathers who must take on a mothering role when mothers are absent.

Loving Mother God, we ask your blessing on all who love and strengthen and nourish and care. We ask your blessing on the mothering nature in all of us.

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