A Commitment to Living in Courage

I struggle with courage. Finding and living it is a daily battle for me. Most days, I feel like I lose the battle.

That is the reason I was inspired to enroll in Brene Brown’s Living Brave Semester. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Brene Brown. I recommend her books all the time. I went to a retreat based on her work and led by one of her Daring Way facilitators. I’ve referenced her in public talks, and I consider it a particular stroke of luck that my new therapist keeps every one of Brown’s books in her office.

But I struggle with really living the principles in which I believe. I don’t dare greatly nearly as often as I would like. I still run away from vulnerability. I definitely still spend a great deal of time believing I’m not enough. And there are very few days when I really feel like I’m being courageous about even the small things that scare me. There are a lot of things that go into addressing those issues, but I’m hoping the class is a good starting point.

Several months ago, a friend sent me a list of all the ways I had been courageous in the span of a few months. If I had known that my phone would start erasing texts after a certain period of time, I would have written the list down and kept it somewhere as a reminder. I’m hoping that now, with a little bit of work, I can come up with a new list of my own.



1 thought on “A Commitment to Living in Courage

  1. Jen

    Sending you so much love. Keep taking baby steps. You are so amazing, and you are enough just as you are. I am focusing on courage this year as well. We can do this.


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